A Picnic in the Sun

by Marianne Ferrer

$17.34 ISBN: 9782925108696
An imaginative musical tale, comprised of a narrated story interspersed with original and traditional songs, follows four inseparable friends who love to play together. Bertie and his buddies never ever got bored with each other... except for the time when it rained for four straight weeks! That’s when they decided to repair an old boat and head for dryer lands, a sunny place atop the Blue Mountain. The journey to the faraway, unknown destination wouldn’t be easy, but with a little help from newly made animal friends, they would finally make it to the summit, the best place in the whole world to have a picnic! In addition to an illustrated story, this book is accompanied by a CD featuring recordings of the narrated story and 18 songs along with unique code for the digital download of the audio.

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