Refund policy

Purchases made in store

We do not offer complete refunds on undamaged or non-defective products. However, we do offer exchanges within 7 days of date of purchase, with the receipt as proof. You can exchange a book for another book of equal value (as a final sale). If you are exchanging for a book for one of a higher value, you must pay the difference; for a lower value, you will be offered a credit to use on your next purchase.

No returns are possible on books received as special orders, on books received after an exchange or a final sale or on books bought with a discount. No returns allowed for books damaged by the customers.

We offer refund for books that have a manufacturing defect or significant damage not caused by the customer, upon request, regardless of the date of purchase, as long as you present your receipt as a proof of purchase.

Online purchases

Mail returns of books are not accepted, but our return policy will apply if you come to the store in person. We will only refund any defective book bought online after it has been returned to us in person.

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Special Orders

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