CROWDFUNDING: The Saga Continues: Stronger and More Involved!

After being open for almost 1 year already on Upper Lachine in NDG - December 1st is our anniversary! ^_^ - we are happy to say that Saga Bookstore is doing well, thanks to the support of its amazing community! And as we are about to go into our 2nd year, what we want the most is to become even more active within NDG and the SFF realm. This campaign can help us in establishing Saga as THE bookstore in Quebec to offer the best selection of speculative fiction books in English and in French! It will also allow us to give back to our community, as we will be using the profits to organize new events during the year, allowing fans, readers, authors and artists to gather and exchange at Saga and other friendly spaces!

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SOCIOFINANCEMENT: La Saga continue: plus forte et plus impliquée!