The Legacy of Louis Riel

Par John Andrew Morrow

$22.51 ISBN: 9781771863155

The Legacy of Louis Riel provides an overview of the ideas that guided the leader of the Metis people. Louis Riel was a prolific writer. Based on a comprehensive review of Riel's writing, the author examines his views on a variety of vital subjects, including the definition of the term Metis; matters of Metis identity; the condition, characteristics, and future of the First Nations; Jewish people his belief in their need for statehood; Islam, as an ally of liberalism and a threat to Christianity and Western civilization; Quebec, as a nation state and protector of the Metis people; French Canadians, as part of the Metis family; the exceptionalism of the United States; the place and role of women; liberalism as the most evil of ideologies; and the imperative need of Metis unity. These relevant and timely topics, some of which have been sidelined or entirely ignored, are sure to stoke considerable controversy in our current social context. In so doing, it is hoped that this study will increase our understanding of Louis Riel, his thought, and his writings, and help create greater cohesion among Metis communities throughout North America at a time when attempts are being made to divide them into Western and Eastern Metis to further weaken and dispossess them. Most importantly, The Legacy of Louis Riel helps answer the critical question: "Why does Louis Riel matter?"


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