Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Par Joseph Glaser

$16.75 ISBN: 9781603846189

Translated, with notes, by Joseph Glaser
Introduction by Christine Chism

“A dazzling recreation of the most memorable Middle English poem, and one that captures the original alliterative verse in all its dimensions: sense, sound, and rhythm.”
      —Ad Putter, Professor of Medieval English Literature, University of Bristol


All I crave from this court is a gay Christmas game,
For it’s Yuletide and New Year and brave youths abound here.
If one of your house holds himself truly hardy,
So brazen of blood and so bold in his brain,
That he dare strike a stroke and stand still for another,
I shall hand him my axe, this hard piece of war-work—
And right handsome its heft—to use as he will;
And I’ll bide the first blow, as bare as I sit.
If some man is minded to try what I mean,
Let him come to me quickly and catch up this weapon.
I quitclaim it forever. He may hold it his own.
I’ll suffer his stroke, lord, here on these stones
If you grant me your grace to give him another
                    as I may;
    And I’ll offer him reprieve—
    A twelvemonth and a day.
    Now quickly, by your leave,
    Has any aught to say? 



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