Par Nelly Arcan (CA)

Rose Dubois and Julie O'Brien find themselves on a burning roof together, on a summer's day, and from then on their fates intertwine, in a world where the natural force that is the changing climate foreshadows and encourages their predestined suffering. Rose and Julie's submissive love for the same man, Charles, creates in them an arms race of artificial beauty and debasement. The first in their common obsession for plastic surgery and their attempts to be the avatar for the perfect female, and possess the perfect female organ; the second in their acceptance of Charles' objectifying sexual fetishes, his love for women as pieces of meat, and controlling nature. However, both women, in this competition, realize that to accept being nothing more than an object, to kneel and grovel before you persecutor, you become his executioner. In the end, Charles will not survive his own obsessions and his desires, which he loathes, which will be his downfall and, ultimately, his death.

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