Dryland's End (City on a Star, Book 1)

Par Felice Picano

$33.50 ISBN: 9781951092375
Five thousand years in the future, life itself is in jeopardy!
A rebellion of intelligent Cybernetic servants has left the Females of the galaxy virtually sterile, crippling the controlling political body – the Matriarchy. The race is on to find a solution, but will it be enough to save the Matriarchy as other galactic authorities attempt to dominate them using sabotage and all-out war? 
Dryland's End is Felice Picano’s science fiction adventure for the new millennium. The novel touches on many of today's most controversial subjects, such as interracial relationships, gender conflicts, gender identity, and same-sex pairings-and views them with a lens toward the future.
The epic scale of 
Dryland’s End, has been rewarded with two follow-ups. The “City on a Star” trilogy carries on with The Betrothal at Usk (Oct 2021) and A Bard on Hercular (Spring 2022). First published in 1995, This new edition features a foreword by the author.

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