Amaranth (Amaranth, book 1) (Paperback)

Par David M. Snow (CA)

$29.99 ISBN: 9781990368011

How do you defeat an enemy that does not exist?

The Flood submerged the world more than a century ago, sinking entire cities and the triumph of modern civilization. Those who adhere to the Faith know that their Creator has shown mercy by cleansing the Surface of their people. He gave the survivors a chance to seek redemption and atone for their sins. Scouring the Great Ocean aboard an underwater ark could be worse. Much worse.

Not everyone is happy with the way the Commander captains the Ark which is said to carry unregistered passengers. The prominent families, who obtained highly coveted tickets to board, are intent to keep their hold on how things are handled on the ship, no matter the cost.

Skyler Goldberg has only two years under his belt as a doctor at Med Bay, yet he must stop a deadly disease from wiping out the last survivors. Imaginary beings they call Fairies drive infected people’s minds to madness. With an unshakable hope in humanity’s salvation, Skyler will sacrifice everything to save them.

The Ark’s prison is filled with prisoners that are either dangerous, mad, or both. Emily Bates makes it her mission to guide them back to reason through unconventional interrogations. Thanks to her ability to sense their auras, she can see right through their lies. But when she handles a case like no other, what she sees terrifies her. Little does she know that their days on the Ark are numbered.


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