A Tidy Armageddon

Par BH Panhuyzen (CA)

$26.95 ISBN: 9781770416888

“Samuel Beckett meets Stephen King in an absurd and eerie coming-of-end tale that should serve as some sort of warning.”— Peter Darbyshire, author of Has the World Ended Yet?

“This book is the furthest apocalypse from Mad Max that you can get. Instead, it’s a transfixing and brilliant attack on consumerism and, in a way, humanity’s inability to look before we leap…”— Post Apocalyptic Media

The world is transformed into what looks like a massive warehouse overnight, and the result is a suspenseful and action-rich tale as humanity is forced to face the scale of its consumption

A provocative eco-novel featuring an apocalypse like no other, A Tidy Armageddon describes the current world transformed. Civilization has been dismantled by an unknown hand and reassembled into a vast maze of blocks, each comprised of a single item, packed Tetris-style and stacked nine storeys tall: watering cans, electrical transformers, fake Christmas trees, helicopters, plastic spoons, and everything else human culture has ever produced.

In rich, descriptive prose shattered by moments of suspense and action, the novel chronicles the journey of a diverse group of soldiers led by Elsie Sharpcot, a Cree sergeant and Afghanistan vet, who must reconcile a desperate hunt for her daughter with the responsibility to safeguard the recruits under her command. Passing with fear and wonder through this mausoleum of human excess, provisioning themselves from its treasures while searching for those they love, this band of misfits amalgamates into their own dysfunctional family as they race to outrun the approaching winter.


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