The Ruins of Mars: Waking Titan

by Dylan James Quarles

Picking up the saga directly where The Ruins of Mars left off, Waking Titan continues the narrative of Harrison Raheem Assad and the Mars Mission as they explore the caves beneath the Martian ruins. Underground in the great statue chamber, Harrison and his team struggle to come to terms with the discovery of two apparently different alien races depicted in stone. However problematic this new revelation may be, it is Braun, the team’s AI, who truly sees just how far the influence of the mysterious race has reached. Echoing through time and space, a force drives Braun far from his programmed limitations and into a reality that is fractured and broken. Meanwhile, Harrison and the Mars team push ever deeper into the caves propelled by discovery, tragedy, and blind human perseverance. They search for answers they hope will be worth the price they paid to find them. Attacks from outside forces, both physical and metaphysical, descend upon Mars and Earth with devastating effects. These events come like cosmic tsunamis, giving credence to the warnings Braun so blindly followed and shift the direction the team takes to uncover the truth. Death, enlightenment, betrayal, and love texture the backdrop upon which Waking Titan is projected. The second novel in the Ruins of Mars Trilogy is about more than just a simple mission to Mars. The events in this installment grow to encompass not only the fate of the crew but that of all life in the solar system.

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