Polymorphic – Volume 1 - A Horror Anthology

by Collectif (CA)

$24.99 ISBN: 628942637216

6″ x 9″ Softcover physical copy of Polymorphic – Volume 1, printed on high-quality paper and shipped internationally.

This introductory volume of Polymorphic Magazine features 8 original and terrifying short horror stories submitted by up-and-coming Canadian authors, illustrated by a team of Montreal-based artists. From the surreal to the grounded, this issue of Polymorphic covers horror in all its forms, ensuring that even seasoned veterans of the genre will find something to unnerve and terrify them.

With fictions by Cam Edwards, Ivan Gayer, Élisabeth Grégoire, Jean-Christophe Rondy-Turcotte, Jesse Décary-Kostiw, James Ivison and Jacob Slater. 

Illustrations by Alexa Giroux, Amber Chen, Emily Blondin, Jacob Slater, Marine Beringer, Mia Gueli, Robin Décary-Kostiw, Sanad Hamdouna and Valeriia Zizova.


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