Opulent Syntax, Irish Speculative Fiction

by Collectif

$31.48 ISBN: 9781952086502

A bog body meets crazed science in rural Kerry. Fraught impulses and witchy machinations in a rainy Midlands back garden. Dublin is at once a near future capitalist hell and the eye of a dystopian snowstorm. In Antrim, the past and future armwrestle for prominence, and in Belfast, a blade of grass means nothing and everything.

Discover an Ireland in these pages that defies existence and expectations. These stories represent a syntax opulent with possibilities alongside speculations and corrections of what nearly was, what may be and what could come to be.

The anthology includes stories and poems from Anna Loughran, Samuel Poots, Natasha Calder, Méabh de Brún, Yves Donlon, Fergal Mc Nally, Elaine McIonyn, Rien Gray, Maria O'Brien, Val Nolan, Scotty Sarafian, Anna Walsh, Eoghan Smith and James Hudson.


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