Of Wind and Sand

by Sylvie Bérard (CA)

$19.95 ISBN: 9781894063197

Culture shock on a newly discovered hostile planet is inevitable, even if you aren't the only inhabitants...

On an extremely hot, desert planet, a race of monstrous lizards have developed a complex civilization.

When an Earth colony's emergency landing becomes permanent, the colonists baptize the new planet Mars II and begin to create their own civilization.

After several encounters, both lizards and humans demonstrate a willingness to understand each other. But all too quickly, their relationships deteriorate beyond remedy... despite the best intentions of individuals from both sides.

Everything on the colonized planet is hostile to humans: the heat, rarity of edible food and scarcity of water. Struggling to survive on their own, a confrontation with the planets natural inhabitants seems inevitable.

Culture shock has sunk in - violence and horror reign and not even the most devoted pacifists can prevent the worst from happening.


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