Luminescent Machinations: Queer Tales of Monumental Invention

by Rhiannon Rasmussen & Dave Ring

$39.63 ISBN: 9781952086489

Luminescent Machinations: Queer Tales of Monumental Invention will be a speculative anthology exploring the limits of machinery, the fragility and power of queer bodies, and mecha in all their forms.

The intersections of body, technology, agency, power: nowhere are these lines more clearly delineated than in science fiction. And what better way to explore them than giant gay robots?

Featuring work from:

  • Violet Allen

  • Esther Alter

  • Elly Bangs

  • Bendi Barrett

  • Phoebe Barton

  • Sharang Biswas

  • Anya DeNiro

  • C.M. Fields

  • Even Han

  • Bastian Hart

  • R.J. Howell

  • Josie Kallo

  • Kehkashan Khalid

  • Iori Kusano

  • Ann LeBlanc

  • Casey Lucas

  • Anna Markov

  • G.M. Paniccia

  • Charles Payseur

  • e rathke

  • Autumn [REDACTED]

  • Ayida Shonibar

  • Petra Skelton

  • A.P. Thayer

  • RJ Theodore

  • Izzy Wasserstein

  • Brendan Williams-Childs

  • Sam Yoo

Cover by Sloane Leong.
Interior illustrations from Sarah Allen Reed.


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