Ezekiola and the Emerald Belt

by Lucy Kyan

$22.99 ISBN: 9798985598582
Lucy Kyan's captivating fantasy captures interplanetary adventure, dormant powers, and romance where two souls in separate worlds collide.

When she wore his name, his powers awakened.

With his telepathic abilities, Ezekiola Astrid, from planet Circa, expects to receive a Blue Belt at the Cypress School's Ceremony of the Belts, and to live a comfortable life on his veiled planet. But as evil blossoms in high places, graduation this year comes with an alarming surprise. Instead, Ezekiola receives the Emerald Belt, indicating that his destiny is to be a warrior.

On the verge of abandoning this unwanted path, he suddenly encounters a revolving door that transports him directly to another world - Planet Blue. There he meets Leanne, a girl who awakens within him unusual powers. Pursed by the villainous Sons of the Night Sky, Ezekiola becomes the target of a most dangerous rival, one who will stop at nothing to hunt the new Emerald Belt warrior down.

Ezekiola slowly realizes that the power source he has tapped into is one that can reestablish an ancient link which existed between a fellowship of planets, and that it is up to him to restore the elixir of life that once permeated them all.

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