Blood Out of a Stone (Softcover - Signed)

by Élisabeth Vonarburg

$21.04 ISBN: 9780981190518

Softcover - Signed copies.

Blood out of a stone / Élisabeth Vonarburg ; translation by the author, Howard Scott and others ; with an introduction by Ursula K. LeGuin

Aspiring translators undergo neurological alteration in symbiosis with alien beings. An interstellar colony ship begins to malfunction in ways which threaten the survival of its crew. Living art pieces roam the Milky Way. Doors which might lead anywhere appear in a city descending into chaos. A strange emotional magnetism reaches across space-time. The mysterious retreats which mark the life of a multi-talented artist intrigue her lover. After the Earth's sea have risen, a community of amphibious and terrestrial people struggle to defend their village and decide their own destiny. A devout priestess comes to terms with the truths her visions have forced her to confront. 

This wide-ranging collection is an opportunity to discover a unique voice in science fiction for yourself. 


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