Arthur Erickson on Learning Systems

by Arthur Erickson (CA)

$24.95 ISBN: 9781988111315

Whether he was designing buildings and spaces for universities, museums, performing arts, or libraries, Arthur Erickson was preoccupied with intersections – of people, of cultures, and of ideas. Arthur Erickson on Learning Systems collects writings by an architect advocating for interdisciplinary approaches to education and the methods for sharing knowledge.

In pieces on one of his mid-1960s masterpieces, the Simon Fraser University campus, Erickson explains how he intended to avoid compartmentalization between academic disciplines by thinking of a campus as akin to a “biological system” capable of adaptation. He outlines how his design placed a “spine” through the campus to circulate people – and communication between them – while making space for additional buildings as they became needed. These writings also show Erickson reflecting on whether his original vision was maintained by future development on the site and considering how university education changed in the decades that followed.

An introduction by Melanie O’Brian nuances Erickson’s big-picture thinking, draws parallels between curatorial practices and his approach to learning spaces, and discusses the experiences of campus users following university expansion and increased specialization among academic disciplines.

This title is a collaboration between Concordia University Press and the Canadian Centre for Architecture and is part of the "Building Arguments" series.


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